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How to Get an SIA Licence in 2024?

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) is the regulator which acts as official evidence and controls the UK private security industry. For instance, if you want to be a security guard or operate as a door supervisor on licenced premises or at events, an SIA licence is a necessity. It’s a legal obligation to get an SIA licence for anyone operating in the private security industry. The SIA has the authority to issue, renew, and cancel licences. The SIA assures that licenced security operators are professionally trained and qualified to undertake all responsibilities, with licencing including guarding, CCTV operation, door supervision, and more.

Moreover, to apply for a licence in the United Kingdom, you should first complete an official licence-linked SIA training course. After successfully passing the relevant SIA Training course, you are entitled to apply for the SIA licence by registering for an online account and submitting an application form.

The SIA training courses listed below are licensable:

Types Of SIA Training Courses

SIA Door Supervisor

The seven-day SIA door supervisor training is essential for anyone who wants to work as a door supervisor in the private security industry in the UK. Furthermore, you can work as a door supervisor in security companies, hotels, bars, clubs, and other licensed institutions.

SIA Security Guard

The five-day SIA security guard course is mandatory for people who intend to work as security guards in the private security industry in the UK. Security guards keep the public and the premises secure while deterring crime. Furthermore, you can work as a security guard in security companies, banks, museums, hospitals, office buildings, clubs, stores, and other licensed places.

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SIA CCTV Operator

The four-day SIA CCTV Operator training is obligatory for those who want to work as CCTV Operators in the private security industry in the UK. CCTV operators detect, prevent, and protect individuals by monitoring multiple screens depicting security cameras installed in public places.

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Who is eligible to apply for an SIA license?

In order to work in the private security industry, one must attain an SIA licence as it is considered to be one of the legal conditions. Now is the right time to learn to apply for your licence and give your services as a security guard, CCTV operator and Door Supervisor.

Individuals must have:

  • age 18 or above
  • a valid SIA training qualification certificate
  • identity documents for verification
  • the right to work in the UK
  • checked criminal records


The Process of Getting SIA Licensed

1. Pass the SIA training course 

This process may take around six days, depending on the type of course. Along with that, a practical assessment and multiple-choice tests are used to evaluate the training course. 

2. Fill out the licence application on the SIA’s website

To start an application, one must pay a fee of £190. Then, the SIA officials will respond to your application within 25 days, but it can take up to 6 weeks in rare circumstances. 

3. Identity verification 

The photo ID attached to the SIA application form will have to authenticate your identity. It can be conveniently done at the post office or signed by someone who owns a British passport. 

4. Apply to SIA 

The authorities at SIA will perform identity verification and go through your criminal records. You may be asked to show relevant documentation if you have lived abroad for six months or more. 

5. Get your 3-year licence 

This licence remains valid for three years. The SIA estimates that it can take up to 25 working days to get the licence. Begin your career as a door supervisor, security guard, or CCTV operator, as you’re officially licenced now. 

Cost of SIA Licence

The application fee for an SIA License is £190. If you already have a valid SIA Badge, you can apply for another one at a discounted price. You can apply for several licences at nearly 50% off and pay the full price for the first licence, while additional SIA licences are £90. The price of the SIA card is non-refundable, so be sure you have all the essential documents and licenses before applying.

How much time is required to get an SIA licence?

There is no average time for receiving your SIA licence, although the SIA estimates that it can take up to 25 working days. It could take up to 6 weeks or more in exceptional circumstances where problems with identity verification or inquiries about criminal records arise. During this phase, a decision on whether or not to issue a license will be taken. The SIA will write their decision, if that gets approved, you’ll get a license for three years.

SIA Licence Renewal

An SIA licence must be renewed every three years, according to SIA. It is prohibited to perform security duties without a license, hence you cannot continue your security services with an expired SIA card. Otherwise, the government will file a lawsuit against you. 

Renewing your licence is easy as long as your licence remains valid. You can complete the process online at the security industry authority’s website. You must keep a record of when they expire to continue working legally, as SIA licences don’t renew automatically. So, if your licence expires, you must apply for a new one.

The method for renewing an SIA licence is the same as applying for a new licence. Before renewing, an SIA licence, you must complete an SIA top-up training course. After completion of the course, you can submit an application for licence renewal on the SIA’s official website. The cost of renewing an SIA licence is also £190.

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Courses to Renew Your SIA License

Top-Up / Upskilling Door

A three-day door supervisor top-up training is mandatory for people who need to renew their licence to operate in the private security profession in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, you can work as a door supervisor in security companies, hotels, bars, clubs, and other licensed organizations.

Top-Up / Upskilling Security Guard

A half-day top-up security guarding course is compulsory for those who need to renew their licence to work in the private security sector in the United Kingdom. As a security guard, you can work for security companies, banks, museums, hospitals, office buildings, clubs, supermarkets, and other legal places.

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